Myth Of Kuntilanak, Famous Female Ghost in Indonesia

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Indonesia society must have been familiar with the term kuntilanak, apicture of a female ghost who has long hair and white dress was inherent in the minds of every people of Indonesia. Kuntilanak ghostbecomes a mystery that has already entrenched in the communitywho still uphold the mystical values​​.


Even some who also had seen a ghost sightings kuntilanak aswomen who carry a baby, because it is believed kuntilanak spirits ofwomen who are pregnant and dies and her spirit is haunting. If wethink of it as people who believe in God, true man who has died his spirit would return to its creator, so there are no ghosts that haunts.

So what exactly kuntilanak or other ghosts if not the spirit of the deceased in a state of wandering? And is there any research has been done and can attest to the existence of these ghosts.
It is difficult to prove scientifically the existence of ghosts kuntilanak,where he came from and in what order he appeared. Our thoughts have a lot to get duping hereditary from generation to generationso that it is folly to consider a truth.
The things that exist in society and we do out of them like a rationaltreatment of pregnant women who die get special treatment at his funeral.


It aims to overcome that ghost of a pregnant woman after the deathdoes not become a ghost haunting and kuntilanak.

Penancapan diubun nail-crown bodies of pregnant women are believed to bind her spirit is so quiet and not wandering. And if there is a ghost that haunts kuntilanak then we live kuntilanakdriving nails in top of his head and kuntilanak will be turned into a beautiful woman and can marry, and believed if anyone dared tomarry kuntilanak then that person would succeed in life on earth.

Above assumption is a big mistake, myth or story that has no basishas already become law which is believed to the truth. Though it isa behavior shirk and no legal basis.


If we are a Muslim, we can restore this to the legal basis for us as a Muslim. In Al-Quran or Al-Hadith as the grip of a Muslim is neveralluded to the existence of ghosts kuntilanak. But there is mentioned that there is another life besides humans that exist in this world, two lives are so different from each other dimensions willnot be interconnected.

Jin is the occupants of other dimensions, the genie was also the same as humans there are good and some are evil. Evil genie thathe would try to disrupt the normally human. The genie is alreadyhigh knowledgeable will be able to change shape as desired and will be able to reveal itself so it can be seen by humans.

Like a ghost kuntilanak and other ghosts which is a business of an evil demon to deceive people so that people will do stupid actionsbeyond the rational.
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